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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Experience Luxury Car Hire

Renting a car is usually a less-than-exciting experience when traveling. Getting the keys to a bland four door is nothing to write home about. What many do not realize is that any vacation or business trip can be an adventure with a car hire.

No matter the destination, having the keys to an exotic car is a thrill. Even the gas station can be fun when fellow customers notice the beauty at the pump. A car that totals more than many people's mortgage is sure to turn heads wherever it goes. Just the sound of the engine will catch the attention of admirers as you fly by.

What you will notice the most with a luxury car hire is the power you have behind the wheel. You have the power to live faster, but not only on the highway. What you drive says something about you, your power, and your taste. With a car you will attract those of the same fine quality as the wheels you pulled up in. A luxury car will change the entire atmosphere of your trip. Go ahead, live the life you always wanted for a day.

A vacation should be about getting away, but for too many it turns into more drudgery as they drive to one sight to another in a car they would never deign to own. Instead, make it a real getaway and try a few more horsepower on for size. The memories of speeding down sunny highways will last a lifetime, giving you stories for both your children and friends for years to come. Make sure to document your trip with plenty of pictures of you in your luxury car.

Renting a luxury car can also be an effective means of trying on different car models. If you are thinking of someday buying a luxury car of your own, take a day and rent the one you would like to buy and see if it fits your needs. If not, you have no commitment to keep it and you can keep renting until you've found something better suited to you. It can even be an effective way to decide between colors on your chosen model. Does it look good during the day and at night? Owning a luxury car is a commitment, and a luxury car hire can help you make the perfect choice the first time.

Whatever your reason, a luxury car hire is the right choice for your next vacation. Getting that perfect car is a cost effective way to make sure that every moment of your trip an event to remember.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Car Hire and Roads in Cape Town

Public transport in South Africa is not very reliable and has limited coverage of the city. If you are heading for the Mother City, the most affordable and reliable form of transport is car hire in Cape Town and the rest of South Africa. Roads are world class and you will have no trouble reaching your destinations in a standard vehicle, unless 4x4'ing is on your itinerary.

Petrol stations are widely available and are not self-service, it is courteous to tip the attendants as they will fill you up, check your oil and water and clean your windscreen. A tip between R2 and R5 is generally acceptable. There are two tollgates on Cape Town's roads, one on the scenic Chapman's Peak drive and the other heading out of the city on the N1; you can pay toll fees with cash or credit card.

You are more than likely to encounter baboons on your travels, take care when driving and do not feed them, feeding baboons is strictly prohibited by law and is a punishable offense. Along other wildlife, Cape Town is home to the endangered Western Leopard Toad, take care when driving at night during rainy season as they are often found crossing roads heading to their breeding grounds.

Cape Town is considered a safe city, but like elsewhere in the world, there are areas that are best avoided after dark. You can check with your travel agent or hotel for advice on which areas to avoid. Locking your car and keeping valuables out of site will keep you safe on your travels and sticking to the speed limit will keep you on the right side of the law as law enforcement has a no-nonsense policy against traffic offenses. Cape Town is a beautiful city with lots to see and do and a visit to this part of South Africa should not be missed.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why Choose A Wedding Car Hire Company?

These days wedding car hire has become very commonplace as people love to make a grand entrance to their wedding. Making your wedding a memorable occasion has got to be at the top of the list. But there are also other reasons which are important to consider when you go to hire a wedding car for your special day.

For many people the stress of driving to the wedding venue could spoil their day. A car hire company provides you with chauffeur driven cars which will take care of everything from your safety and comfort to the logistics and theme of the wedding. A classic or vintage wedding hire would certainly add a touch of elegance to your special day. Also, a bridal car would make the bride feel pampered and spoilt on such an important day in her life.

Professional wedding hire companies have trained chauffeurs who are very skilled in their own area of responsibility. They are well versed with the roads and routes and will help you reach the venue peacefully, sedately and on time. This will help minimize any stress and keep you fresh on your special day. A wedding car hire company can definitely help you plan your important day and make that part of it glitch free. It takes away the hassle of arranging transportation for the bride and her party plus the groom and his party if required. All you need to do is sit back and relax and the wedding hire company will get you to the venue in good time.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Car Hire Insurance Basics

If you are considering hiring a car either in the UK or abroad then you may wish to ensure that you are fully covered for driving it by way of rental insurance. It is important when considering whether you need insurance or not to remember that in some parts of the world, as in the UK, insurance may be a requirement. Here are some more car hire insurance basics you may wish to bear in mind;

· the company you choose to hire the car from may provide you with some form of basic insurance, or you might be able to choose to take out your own form of protection;

· usually a "standard" insurance policy typically protects you for third party liability and the risk of you damaging or writing off the vehicle;

· even if you have insurance for your rental car you still have to find so much money towards a successful claim. This is called the excess on the policy.

While usually with the majority of insurance policies there is nothing you are able to do but pay the excess, with car rental insurance you may choose to take out a policy called "excess insurance". This policy protects you against having to find the excess if a claim is made on the rental insurance. A typical policy may refund you for the full amount of your excess, if a claim is made, or it may just cover a certain amount of the excess. This will be noted in your policy documentation, so it may make sense to check out any policy you are considering and pay special attention to the small print.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Vancouver Car Hire!

With summer just around the corner here in Vancouver, BC school is wrapping up for the year and all students are getting pretty excite as well they are getting ready for the end of year parties whether it be graduation or just an end of year school party. The "IN" thing to do now is to show up in a fancy car like a limo, but limo are getting old and coming in a fancy luxury car is the cool thing to do now. So all the Vancouver Car Hire agencies around downtown Vancouver and all of the lower mainland are seeing a spike in business and they are hoping that this spike in business continues on the upward trend and it doesn't fizzle.

Vancouver Car Hire agencies are just coming off one of their busiest times in history having the Vancouver 2010 Olympics in town and the are very eager to keep the business coming in. When Vancouver hosted the 2010 Olympics the world came to visit so this means they had some money to spend and people with money like to rent luxury cars and from the review online it looks like the Vancouver Car Rental agencies did not disappoint their customers.

Vancouver which is located on the West Coast of Canada and right above Seattle, WA is one of the most beautiful cities in the world as it was just voted in the Top 5 places to live in the world. The city has a lot to offer it's guests and if you renting a car from one of the agencies make sure you ask their staff where the best places to visit are. Because the staff are local they will know all the place you should go to and all the place you should avoid.

If you are thinking of travelling to Vancouver, BC and you will be using a Vancouver Car Hire agency to rent a car here is 4 tips on what you will need to know when you rent a car:

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How To Ensure That You Find The Best Car Hire Service While Abroad

Getting cheap car hire in Ireland is one of the best ways to ensure that you are able to have the freedom of movement to get from one spot to the other. Most persons usually hire cars to be able to cover long distances without much hassle. Car hire is the most reasonable way to get this done. One just has to get a bit of research done in order to find an agent that offers cars for hire at a moderate cost. These agents usually have a number of options available for the client to choose from for their comfort and convenience. There are a number of factors that you have to take into consideration before getting cheap car hire in Ireland.

The first thing that you have to bear in mind is that distance that you will want to cover as well as the destination. Those two things are essential to making the right choice. Another essential factor is the reason you are hiring the car in the first place. It could just be a means of getting from one business meeting to another or it could be for that well needed family trip. Many of the cheap car hire services in Ireland will be able to accommodate the various needs of the client as well as provide certain discounts and offers to appeal to the customer.

It is essential that you find a car rental service that has total transparency with their offerings. With a little research one will be able to find a supplier that is trustworthy and offers great deals. There are quite a number of locations that one can get a car to rent in Ireland. Services can be found in Shannon, Cork, Dublin and Knock to name a few places. Most of the time you can get a car to rent in or close to the airport. The focus is on providing convenience for the clients. It is not an impossible feat to find cheap car hire in Ireland. The earlier you get it done the better your deal will be.

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Why Some People Prefer Car Hire Services!

If you are thinking of going on a trip to a distant place, you may require some sort of transportation when you arrive at your destination because definitely it is not possible to take along your own car. The other alternative would be to use public transport when you reach there; which can become quite awkward as they are always time-wasting, tedious and confusing.

Some people prefer to get car hire services when they reach where they are going so that they can be able to drive themselves around very comfortably.

Renting a car can also cause you another headache like getting an insurance and so forth but it is tolerable.

Also, car rental can mean you use quite a bit of extra money but it would be well worth it as you end up saving costs on the trip.

You will need to identify which type of vehicle you want well in advance. The perfect example is if you are a large group, what is needed is a big vehicle. Another thing is to check if your group is very large you might have to hire an SUV for currying the luggage.

Anything extra must be specified in advance to the car hire company, like if you want to have a GPS system in the vehicle or even extra seats.